• Automotive


    From various bearings to automatic transmission parts, steering column couplings, and even 21st century steering technology, namely the electric power steering system closely related to steer-by-wire, as an international brand of auto parts, it is well re
  • Industrial motors

    Industrial motors

    Motors are used as power sources in all industries. Motors are the most problematic parts of rotating equipment reliability accident reports. Since 40% to 70% of motor failures are related to bearings, the key to maintaining motor quality is that bearings
  • Artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence

    An industrial robot is a multi-joint manipulator or a multi-degree-of-freedom machine device oriented to the industrial field. It can perform work automatically. It is a machine that realizes various functions by its own power and control capabilities. It
  • Mining machinery

    Mining machinery

    The places where construction machinery is active are mostly mining sites far away from ordinary human life such as mountains and deserts, and sometimes even work at 2,000 meters underground. There are many types of this kind of machinery, from mineral cr
  • Biotechnology


    Use science and biotechnology to transform agriculture or other aspects, and scientifically use modern genetic engineering technology to accurately select certain genes with excellent characteristics of organisms to transfer them to another species, so th
  • Food equipment

    Food equipment

    Food equipment, because it produces food, not only must ensure safety, but also require improvement in the convenience of equipment maintenance. Food and beverage processors and OEMs continue to face many pressures, such as the need to optimize production
  • Metallurgical Industry

    Metallurgical Industry

    There are many types of metallurgical equipment, not only the equipment required by the raw material plant, but also the equipment required from the upstream process to the downstream process such as the steelmaking process, the steel rolling process, and
  • Agricultural equipment

    Agricultural equipment

    Since agricultural machinery is mostly used in muddy water environment and heavy-duty working conditions, it has higher requirements for foreign body resistance and long life. The scale, location, altitude, climate, soil structure and crop rotation make e