Artificial intelligence


An industrial robot is a multi-joint manipulator or a multi-degree-of-freedom machine device oriented to the industrial field. It can perform work automatically. It is a machine that realizes various functions by its own power and control capabilities. It can accept human commands or follow With pre-arranged programs running, modern industrial robots can also act according to the principles and guidelines formulated by artificial intelligence technology.
Modern design relies on compact design, light weight and miniaturization. Thin-walled bearings are an ideal choice. Each series of thin-walled bearings is based on a single cross section and remains the same, even if the diameter is increased. This design allows a hollow shaft to replace a solid shaft. The inside of the hollow shaft provides space for air or hydraulic pipelines, pneumatic pipelines, electrical circuits and other components. In a large number of applications, a four-point contact thin-walled ball bearing can be used instead of two bearings, so that the design is more compact and the installation is simplified. On the contrary, the cost is even lower!
The use of uniform cross-section thin-walled bearings can save space, reduce weight, significantly reduce friction, and provide good rotation accuracy. Lightweight and miniaturization of the main engine is possible. As the diameter of most ball bearing designs increases, the width and thickness of the bearing increase correspondingly. With the increase of diameter, the cross section of the thin-walled bearing design remains unchanged. In a system, this reduces the total cost and improves the design efficiency in appearance, far exceeding standard bearings.