Industrial motors


Motors are used as power sources in all industries. Motors are the most problematic parts of rotating equipment reliability accident reports. Since 40% to 70% of motor failures are related to bearings, the key to maintaining motor quality is that bearings are not enough. Surprisingly, energy efficiency is another key factor in motor applications, which also largely depends on the choice of bearing. However, it is not enough to choose the right bearing. How to install, lubricate, handle, align and maintain the motor is not enough. The performance and life of the motor are also crucial.
Our bearings, seals, and lubrication solutions for motors in specific applications can help improve motor performance, maintain equipment profitability, and save long-term costs, reduce energy consumption, prevent bearings from corrosion by stray currents, and improve speed and Rotation control helps you improve motor performance, reduce maintenance requirements, and extend service life, no matter what your goals are, reduce friction, vibration and noise levels, improve operating accuracy, increase load and speed levels, use extremely clean steel and unique heat treatment Process, our motor solutions, products and services can help you achieve it.