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What are the functions of bearing lubrication?


Bearings can help the equipment to run normally. After a long time of use, the running speed will slow down. So people who use bearings know that many bearings need lubricants. Why? The main purpose of bearing lubrication is through The form of oil film to prevent direct contact between bearing rings, rolling and cage. Let me talk about the role of bearings in detail:
1. Reduce friction and wear among bearing rings, rolling elements and cages.
2. Extend the fatigue life of the bearing. The rolling fatigue life of the bearing depends on the viscosity of the oil between the contact surfaces and the thickness of the oil film formed.
3. The use of circulating lubrication can also discharge frictional heat and heat transferred from the outside to prevent bearing overheating and oil deterioration.
4. Proper lubrication helps prevent foreign matter from entering the bearing and prevent rust.
The above are the four major benefits that the bearing needs to use lubricants to bring to the bearing. Oil lubrication and grease lubrication are two common lubrication methods. Under normal circumstances, oil lubrication is more suitable for high-speed running bearings. Help everyone. If you need bearings, deep groove bearings, roller bearings, you can choose our manufacturer.