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The precision roller bearing industry is moving towards characteristic clustering


At present, my country’s precision roller bearing industry is moving towards clustering with characteristics. The roller bearing market environment is changing, and the policy environment for industrial development is also changing. In the past, the government was accustomed to using stimulus measures to drive development, but now it is relying on comprehensive deepening reforms. Economic development seeks new impetus. For the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, in the past, they were more accustomed to using administrative means to promote them, but now they are more driven by market forces.
Similarly, in product technology and industrial scale, my country's roller bearing industry has made great breakthroughs. In the process of the development of the bearing industry, the Chinese market has always insisted on innovation and development, strengthened technical exchanges with developed countries, greatly enhanced the strength of my country's roller bearing industry, and enhanced the market competitiveness of products. Many precision bearing brands have emerged that are influential at home and abroad.
Although the international competitiveness of products has also improved in recent years, most of them are concentrated in the middle and low-end areas. Such products have low added value and some high-precision roller bearings still need to be imported. Take the precision machine tool spindle bearing as an example. As the basic accessory of the machine tool bearing, the performance of the spindle bearing directly affects the speed, rotation accuracy, rigidity, anti-vibration cutting performance, noise, temperature rise and thermal deformation of the machine tool, etc., and then affects The precision and surface quality of the processed parts. For the spindle support of high-speed and high-precision machine tools such as CNC machine tools and machining centers, ultra-precision bearings of P4 and above are required. With the rapid development of CNC technology, "composite, high speed, intelligence, precision, and environmental protection" has become the main trend in the development of today's machine tool industry technology.
Among them, high-speed machining can effectively improve the machining efficiency of the machine tool and shorten the machining cycle of the workpiece. This requires the machine tool spindle and its related parts to adapt to the needs of high-speed machining. At present, about 150,000 sets of ultra-precision angular contact ball bearings of p4 and above are in demand in the machine tool industry, and about half come from famous foreign bearing companies such as FAGNSKSKF. In addition to psychological factors and brand effects, the technical performance and reliability of bearings are the main reasons why machine tool customers choose imported roller bearings. Although foreign precision roller bearing products have excellent performance and high reliability, they have disadvantages such as high price, long delivery time, and lagging after-sales service.
In the future development, the industry and related enterprises must make up their minds, concentrate on research and development, pay close attention to the research of new technologies and new processes, and gradually form a division of labor, collaboration, multi-field, all-round scientific research and development pattern, and launch independent knowledge Proprietary precision roller bearings have improved the design and manufacturing level of precision bearings by absorbing advanced experience, advanced technology and high-level talents from foreign manufacturing.