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Analyze the cause of the failure according to the symptoms of bearing damage


Analyze the cause of failure from the symptom of bearing damage
Analyze the cause from the injury symptoms
For most bearing problems, replacing the bearing will usually have a quick effect. However, if you think that such a simple treatment is enough, then you are wrong. You must first identify the symptoms of injury and find out the cause.
Bearing surface peeling
When the bearing rotates under a load, the raceway surface or rolling body surface of the inner ring and outer ring of the bearing exhibits scale-like peeling due to rolling fatigue. The main reasons for this problem include:
Excessive load and poor installation;
Moment load foreign body intrusion and water ingress;
Poor lubrication, improper lubricant, improper bearing clearance;
The accuracy of the bearing chamber is not good, and the rigidity of the bearing chamber is uneven;
The shaft has a large deflection;
Surface deformation such as rust, corroded spots, scratches and indentations.
Bearing surface peeling
The bearing surface presents a dark surface with slight abrasion, such as the case of a faulty motor with a bearing jam that Xiao C took over. There are many tiny cracks as deep as 5-10 microns in the dark surface from the surface, and tiny peeling occurs in a wide range.
The main causes of this problem include:
Unsuitable lubricant;
Foreign matter has entered the grease;
Rough surface caused by poor lubricant;
The surface roughness of the matched rolling parts does not meet the requirements.
Bearing jam
The so-called seizure is caused by partial micro burns on the sliding surface that cause damage to the bearing surface. Linear scars (scrubbing lines) appear in the circumferential direction of the slide surface and rolling surface.
Cycloid-like scars on the roller end surface, and the collar surface close to the roller end surface is stuck. The main reason:
Excessive load, excessive preload;
Poor lubrication. Foreign body bite
Tilt of inner ring and outer ring, deflection of shaft;
The accuracy of the shaft and bearing chamber is poor.
Partial bearing fracture
The so-called fracture refers to a small part of the fracture caused by excessive impact or excessive load on the ribs or roller corners of the raceway wheel; the reasons may be:
It was hit during installation;
The load is too large;
Dropped or poorly used.